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"Found this set of Artisan year books from 1935. Has wonderful cartoons from the aspiring cartoonists who traded work for memories. This set has a wonderful 2 page layout by Gus Arriola with two cartoons one of his school sweetheart that he drew and titled my wife. Absolutely wonderful work from long before he penned Gordo.


Ideally, this page would be a record of all the original art  - out of the thosands of pages that were created - that is available. Why are there so few pieces of original art available on the market? And would it really be such a great catastrophe if I came into possession of the two pages I want? *ahem* But I digress.
 ebay auctions The listings are by date of the original strip and the opening bid.
Sunday 2/16/?? (date not listed by seller) $700 - Gordo sweet-talking his plants
8/16/?? Sunday $500
Mid-40's (?) (Seriously, would it kill you to post the date?) Daily $160 Leprechaun story./ws
7/1/49 $50 Daily
7/16/49 $170
 10/1/49 $300
12/28/49 $200

original 1950's sketch $49.95
12/23/50 $149.95
 5/26/57 Sunday $150.00
12/23/59 $199.00
3/30/60 BIN $99.97 Art-/360316416003?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item53e4883003
4/1/60 (April Fool's strip)$100

8/20(?)/60 Sunday  Seriously - you're asking $900 and you can't list the date?
3/4/61 $100
5/12/63 Sunday $250
6/2/63 $219.99sspagename=ADME%3AB%3ASS%3AUS%3A1123&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc
6/23/63 Sunday $225

7/8/65 (or /63) Autographed to the Audobon Society $79.99
2/16/73 and 2/14/80 $199.99 for both
6/19/77 Sunday $125
6/23/78 $124.00
5/28/79 $125
6/24/79 Sunday $95.00
7/10/79 BIN $125

7/13/79 $79.00
9/9/79 $127.50
11/9/79 $78
10/21/79 Sunday BIN $199

1/15/80 $69.00
2/17/80 Sunday $200
1/16/81 $125.00
9/25/81 $89

12/28/81 - 12/31/81 Four strip story about Father Time and Baby New Year. Did not sell at $375
7/24/82 $89.00  An interesting note from the seller: This strip was published twice. My understanding is that during a period when Arriola was scheduled to be in the hospital, he hand-picked and prepared some of his earlier strips to be reprinted for that brief time when he would be unable to create new strips.. The second printing date is the date shown, the earlier year was removed from the strip, though the month and date are still visible, crossed out in the upper left border: December 11 (as best I can tell).

12/24/82 (AND if you want to see this beautiful piece, you can either check it out in the dailies section or come to my house around Christmas - as I bought the original!)
12/25/82 (Christmas strip) $189.99 /eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=300638629416
8/25/83 BIN $183
9/5/83 (Labor Day strip) $125


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