The scans below are of an original play, written by Gus Arriola and T.E. Bethancourt with Lyrics by Tom Bethancourt.  My photocopy is hand-dated 5/11/81.  The story is about GORDO LOPEZ being pursued by ARTEMISA GONZALES, a very wealthy widow with a keen business acumen who "has only one blind spot: her love for GORDO" and includes the complete cast of GORDO characters.  The lyrics are included in the play as an integral part of the story but, alas, no musical notes to go by.  The handwritten note at the top of the cover read "For my dear friends, Gus & Mary Frances - It was a labor of love!  Tomas"  As with everything at this website, I make no claims to anything posted unless stated otherwise. I believe the copyright to this play belongs to the Tom Bethancourt estate.