This is as complete a collection of non-published strips as possible. See GORDO BOOKS for other strip compilations.

My deep gratitude goes to the many FOG - Friends Of Gordo - who contributed their strips for this website. Special appreciating to Brett Bydairk for his scans of the vast majority of strips not from my personal collection. You can tell which strips are Brett's, as his are the nice clean copies.

Although published as a daily strip, many of these stories could be easily compiled into a graphic novel, each panel moving the story along nicely.  Each panel is also a delight to the eye, as Gus Arriola was a master of the shading and white images on black backgrounds. It is a pleasure to be able to provide these strips in a much larger format, allowing us to enjoy the work in what is close to it's original rendering size, if not publication. 

Meanwhile, below are some pieces from the strips that had to place in the Daily routine but should be included.